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About us

This is Laika Consulting

Laika Consulting is an independent communications consultancy with roots in the financial industry. Our strength, and what sets us apart, is our profound knowledge and experience within finance in combination with a broad set of communication skills. To put it short, we are a communications consultancy that knows finance and a financial consultancy that knows communication. And there is a great demand for good communication in the financial industry.
Since the company was founded in 2004 we have experienced strong growth, and we were appointed “Gazelle Company “ by Dagens Industri in 2009. We are the natural link between the companies that hire us and their clients and investors. Our assignments stretch from strategic advice to more concrete services within marketing and investor relations. Our clients include banks, fund companies, insurance companies, asset managers, listed companies and companies in need of external financing.

Our network

Laika Consulting has a broad network within the financial industry. We guide our clients with our knowledge regarding corporate finance advisors, certified advisors, fund selectors, institutions, key investors, gatekeepers, analysts as well as media companies and economic journalists.
We have known the actors and people in our network for a long time, and they know us. It is all about trust. Our network is both deep and wide. Together with Bonnier and other collaboration partners we publish several financial news letters each month with a combined reach of over 400 000 recipients. If you have an offer, we have the target group.

Our values

From the beginning Laika has been hard at work to create new possibilities and redrawing the map for communication within the financial industry. Our clients are our most valued partners and their ROI (Return on Investment) is the most important factor for us in every assignment that we take on.
Our core values quality, creativity, integrity and proactivity guide us through all our assignments. Such an emphasis both allows and defines how we accept new challenges, meet our clients and collaboration partners; and also how we work together as a group. Our values are with us in everything we do, every day.




Henrik Norberg

Chief Editor and Financial Writer
Tel +46 (0)70-259 96 59
With a background as financial reporter and writer, Henrik likes to write about subjects related to finance, financial investements and insurances. Henrik holds a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from the University of Lund and is a trained journalist.

Johan Waldhe

Tel +46 (0)70-433 59 33
Co-founder of Laika Consulting with ten years of experience in marketing and copywriting in the financial sector. Today a part of the Laika team through his own company with a focus on reports/analysis, copywriting and IR. Formerly jointly responsible for building a sales/marketing platform at an investment bank. Studied political science and practical philosophy up to Bachelor´s level at Gothenburg and Uppsala University.

Jean Muth

Front/Back-end programmer
Tel +46 (0)72-250 44 69 jean.muth@laika.se

Petter Körnemark

Creative Director
Tel +46 (0)8-440 82 47
Communication strategist that verifies the creative value and communication quality of the productions. Petter has six years of experience in financial communication at Laika. He has a degree in Graphic Design from Berghs School of Communication and is a diplomaed film- and game developer, Virtual Reality, Nackademin.

Ingmar Rentzhog

Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 42
More than ten years experience in financial management at Laika Consulting. Previously worked with business development and marketing at an investment bank. Co-owner and co-founder of the company in 2004. University studies in mathematics, statistics and programming at Uppsala University and Linköping Institute of Technology.

Johan Robertsson

Head of Sales & Partner
Phone +46 (0)8-518 01 750
Involved in the marketing of domestic and international financial companies on the Swedish market. Co-owner and formerly worked at a Swiss investment bank, at an Austrian hedge fund and also with the marketing of international hedge funds on the Swedish market. Studied Science of Business and Economics at Linné University.

Martin Hörner Björk

Art Director
Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 49
Graphic designer and photographer with the strength to keep a brand together. Martin has seven years of experience in financial communication at Laika. Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Newcastle, Australia and diplomaed film- and game developer, Virtual Reality, Nackademin.

Noel Larsson

Tel 08-518 017 41 noel.larsson@laika.se

Eva Runvald

Production Manager
Phone: 08-440 82 46 eva.runvald@laika.se
From the Northern part of Sweden, now settled in Stockholm. Inspires by attending Bajen soccer games and visits to the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Studies at Umeå School of Business and Economics, Universitá degli Studi di Siena and Berghs School of Communication. Several years of working experience as a Senior Account Manager in advertising- and design agencies and as marketing coordinator within the academic world.

Malin Crafoord

Editor / Copywriter
Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 44
Commercial text advertisement, informative reports and acticles/interviews. Five years of experience in financial communication at Laika. Educated mainly in Science of Business and Economics but has also studied communications, journalism and copywriting.

Tobias Berglund

CFO / Deputy CEO
Tel +46 (0)8-440 82 45
Over ten years of experience in financial management at Laika. Formerly responsible for a trading facility for endowment policies at an investment bank and previously worked as a business controller. Co-owner and part of the company when it was founded in 2004. Has a Master of Science in Business and Economics at the School of Economics in Umeå and the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.

Katarina Stenborg

Market Analyst
Tel 08-518 000 51 katarina.stenborg@laika.se

Jessica Lindhoff

Head of Visual Communications
Phone +46 (0)8-518 017 59
Award-winning graphic designer with concepts as her speciality. Previously lived in London for six years and worked at a design company. Has a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from The University of the Art & Design in London.

Magnus Sundström

Art Director
Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 48
Graphic designer with strengths in journalism, information and marketing. Five years of experience in financial communication at Laika focusing on newsletters and reports.

Jonas Sundsten

Chief developer & partner
Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 43
Over ten years of experience in IT, programming, development of financial business systems, back-office solutions and interactive web solutions at Laika. Formerly a developer at an investment bank. Co-owner and co-founder of the company in 2004. Studied Natural Science at Luleå Technical University.

Adam Lindblom

Tel 073-062 20 13 adam.lindblom@laika.se
Passionate about helping companies to work proactively and efficiently in their communication with investors. Studied Business Administration, specializing in Finance at Stockholm Business School, a part of Stockholm University. Has also studied law at Uppsala University and worked in the real estate industry.

Dag Eriksson

Writer, filmmaker, freelance
Dag & Ace Produktion AB
Phone +46 (0)278–155 34

David Hjortsberg

CEO, Nord Interactive
Nord Interactive AB
Digital production company
Phone +46 (0)647–66 87 00

Jan Nilsson

VD, TrygghetsSpar
TrygghetsSpar AB Finansiellt callcenter Phone +46 (0)923–699 69

Annou Bergfelt

Project Manager Feminvest
Tel 08-440 82 48 annou.bergfelt@laika.se

Johannes Nebel

IR-advisor, Öresund region
Tel 073-581 71 68 johannes.nebel@laika.se
A Lund University Graduate in communications and English with fifteen years of experience from various work in the field of project management, journalism and IT. Music and food rank highly with Johannes Nebel – notably higher than the diploma from the Air Traffic Control Academy, which is tucked away in a folder for good.

Jesper Zachrisson

Art Director
Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 40
Graphic designer and illustrator. Master´s degree from Konstfack, Institutive for Graphic Design & Illustration.

Mariane Lagerbielke

PR, freelance
Phone +46 (0)8-440 82 40

Lena Kjellgren

CEO, Laika ltd London
Phone +44 (0)20 77 31 15 47

We are always interested in coming in contact with talented and lovely people.
Sent us your CV, we will contact you if there is a vacancy.




Services content

Laika offers services in several areas within communication and finance. We help our clients with various assignments such as business development, investor relations, graphic design, editorial articles, market analyses and communication and PR. Every project is tailor made to meet the needs and wants of the client. We are primarily focused on the financial industry but have clients in other business sectors as well.

Business Development

The financial industry is constantly evolving and changing. This is true not only for the products and services that are offered, but also for the communication possibilities, demands and needs that arise in a constantly changing environment. Actors that do not utilize the most effective methods available risk losing market shares, or even losing interest from investors and the capital market.
We help companies with both the strategy and the actual solution. For example, how is a company and its business affected by the increasing amount of regulations? Which long term changes and trends must be a taken into consideration? In which way are products and services required to be created or adjusted to the proper target group to achieve success? Which steps can and should a listed company or fond take to stand out from the media noise and attract new investors?

A selection of our services within business development

  • Business strategy
  • Situational analysis
  • Product portfolio
  • Market strategy
  • Communication plan
  • Brand strategy
  • IT development

Communication and marketing material

If you are going to hire a consultancy to help with your communication it is essential that the consultant understands your business and its specific needs and challenges. For example, if a communications consultancy does not understand what is to be communicated, what communication of real value will result? We help companies build successful brands, fit for purpose web sites, profitable campaigns as well as yearly reports and financial reports that will be both read and understood by the company´s owners and investors.
We work without expensive middlemen and all of our clients are in direct contact with our in house experts such as project managers, economists, analytics, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, it developers, copywriters, translators and writers. We also have collaboration partners that are the best in their field within areas where we do not have in house resources. We have extensive knowledge of the often vast regulations that one needs to be aware of when marketing financial services or communicating with the capital market. And one more thing: we know what a deadline is.

A selection of our services within communication and marketing material

  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Factsheets
  • Web sites
  • Banners and interactive advertising
  • Intranet
  • Publishing tools
  • Direct Marketing
  • Business cards
  • Templates for letters, forms and other areas
  • Promotional Items
  • Annual Reports
  • Prospectus
  • Copy for print
  • Copy for web
  • Translations and adaptations

Investor Relations

This is our home field. Our focus on the financial industry makes us experts on building strong investor relations. Extensive regulations and increasing demand from the equity markets makes it important to always be on the forefront.
We help companies with everything from IR strategy to creating reports, marketing and investor meetings. We know what the market requires and we have the network that helps us deliver on our promises.

A selection of our services within IR

  • Annual and Interim Reports
  • Prospectus
  • IR-strategy
  • Capital Market Days
  • Management Reports
  • Descriptive investment case
  • Analysis and Financial Marketing
  • PR of report releases
  • Investor and Analyst Contacts
  • Business Presentations
  • Transactions and IPOs


The companies that hire us have an extensive financial knowledge that they want to communicate to both their clients and the public. An excellent channel for this purpose is our publications. By producing our own up-to-date material with valuable information about the financial markets we can deliver value to the clients who are also constantly reminded of the business relation in an easy way. This way of communicating is a great addition to other marketing channels and helps build long term customer relations. Our vast experience in communication and knowledge of current markets trends makes us suitable to help our clients shape both the form and the content of the publication as well as being able to reach out to both clients and the general public.
Today we are fully responsible for creating publications with hundreds of thousands of readers. We can create almost everything from sponsor financed publications aimed at clients and business partners, to internal publications and newsletters. Laika also runs two monthly publications/newsletters in the company´s own name: Investerarbrevet (“the Investment Newsletter”) and Företagarbrevet (“the Business Newsletter”). They are aimed at professional investors, companies and private investors/readers. The primary target group for Investerarbrevet is investors and people working with investments, while Företagarbrevet is primarily aimed at persons running or owning public or private companies. The letter reaches both the persons behind the company and its management.

A selection of our Publications services

  • Customer Magazines
  • Internal publications
  • Newsletters
  • Analysis Letters
  • Investor Letters
  • Market Letters
  • Newsroom

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Lars Swahn


Svenska Bostadsfonden

”Svenska Bostadsfonden contacted Laika Consulting in 2005. Back then we had been in business for approx. two years and had managed to raise our first fund with 30 MSEK based on our own contacts...” Read more
tjosan tjosansson

Conny Myhrberg

Head of Sales & Marketing Sweden

BNP Paribas

"Laika Consulting has showed us new methods and ways to understand marketing communication. We are very pleased with how Laika has managed to communicate our services to the target group in a transparent and distinct way."

Mikael Brönnegård


NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB

"Our collaboration with Laika Consulting since the spring of 2013 has enabled us to build a professional communication platform. Many companies underestimate the need of a clear IR policy..." Read more

Peter Andersson

Head of Nordic Sales

Legg Mason

"It was natural for us to hire Laika Consulting because of their focus on the financial sector. We quickly grew fond of each other and are now in the middle of our second year since the collaboration started..." Read more

Louise Hagsten

Marketing Director

Söderberg & Partners

"Söderberg & Partners and Laika have a close collaboration that has lasted several years. Laika’s unique qualities are their understanding of finance which makes the upstart phase of new projects very short..." Read more

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